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Dharma Yoga Teachers

Keith Kachtick is founder and director of Dharma Yoga and has taught meditation and yoga nationally and internationally for seventeen years. A University of Texas Plan II graduate, he was from 1998-2005 senior instructor for the Lineage Project, a Buddhist nonprofit that offers meditation and yoga asana in New York City prisons. Keith's yoga classes, which combine elements of the Jivamukti and Anusara traditions, are infused with warmth and humor, his training in Tibetan Buddhism and the martial arts, and a love of music and world literature. He has written for Yoga Journal, Newsweek, Esquire, Texas Monthly, and the New York Times Magazine, and is author of two books on Buddhism: Hungry Ghost (a New York Times Notable Book of the Year), and You Are Not Here & Other Works of Buddhist Fiction.

Camilla Figueroa is Dharma Yoga's co-director, a master's level social worker and clinical therapist, and a certified teacher of Thai Yoga Massage, Dharma Yoga, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy at the 650-hour level. She has been practicing yoga for seventeen years and brings to her teaching a love for Buddhist meditation and a powerful belief in the transformative capabilities of asana practice for emotional and spiritual growth. Camilla is deeply grateful for the guidance of Saul David Raye in her certification in Thai Yoga Massage, Katchie Ananda and Alexis Britton of Anusara Yoga, Thomas Fortel of Esalen, and Frank Jude Boccio for his Buddhist-inspired yogic philosophy. Find out more about Camilla's blend of yoga and therapy at www.DharmaYogaTherapy.com.

Kelly Lindsey

Kelly Lindsey is a Staff Teacher for the Yoga Studies Institute, certified in both the practice of Tibetan Heart Yoga and the philosophical teachings of the classics of yoga. Her classes are inspired by more than fourteen years of yoga and meditation practice and over 700 hours of teacher trainings. Kelly is a graduate of Diamond Mountain University's Advanced Buddhist Studies Course, a six-year exploration of Tibetan Buddhism, meditation and yoga. Find out more at http://www.yogastudiesinstitute.org.

Shawn Kent

Shawn Kent has a Masters degree in Counseling, is a registered massage therapist, and is a certified Dharma Yoga instructor. Shawn works full time as a counselor at Austin Child Guidance Center where he runs mind-body therapy groups for adolescents in juvenile detention. He also works part time as a massage therapist, specializing in Thai Yoga massage therapy. Shawn brings a gentle, practical, and therapeutic approach to the healing art of yoga.

Kate Berro

Denise Deniger is is a graduate of the Asian Classics Institute's foundational curriculum in the Dalai Lama's lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and has been teaching yoga nationally and internationally for fifteen years. She is currently completing advanced Buddhist studies training under Lama Sumati Marut and Cindy Lee. Denise is co-founder of Inner Jewel Dharma, which offers community classes on meditation and the integration of classic yogic and Buddhist teachings into modern-day life. Find out more at innerjeweldharma.org.

Erinn Lewis

Erinn Lewis has been teaching yoga for over a decade. Before moving to Austin in 2007 with her husband and two daughters, she studied Chinese medicine and taught yoga in the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Canada and throughout the United States. In addition to amassing over a thousand hours of teacher trainings, Erinn helped create a program for foster care children in Austin by infusing her background with Street Yoga and The Art of Yoga Project. Join Erinn Mondays at noon for an uplifting and transforming All Levels hatha practice. Be ready to sweat, laugh, shed a tear, open your heart, and everything in between. Find out more at www.erinnlewis.com.

Erinn Lewis

Margo Johnson is certified in Dharma Yoga and has trained extensively in acrobatic, therapeutic, and partner yoga. Her classes emphasize mindful play and community-building by incorporating Buddhist-inspired meditation, creative vinyasa sequences, partner assists, and Thai Yoga massage. Margo strives to cultivate positivity, compassion, strength and bravery in her students both on and off the mat. Find out more at www.communityheartyoga.com.

Sheila Singh draws from the rich wisdom of Buddhism and yoga to provide a warm and inviting space for students to find their own inner teacher and to move through life with greater freedom, clarity and ease. A graduate of MIT and the University of Pennsylvania, an engineer by training, Sheila keeps classes contemplative yet light, using the beauty and play of breath and alignment-driven asana as a vehicle for deeper inquiry. Find out more at www.sheilasingh.com.

Anna Lisa Farenthold
Anna Lisa Fahrenthold offers dynamic, self-reflective classes that combine elements of meditation, vinyasa, core exercises, Thai yoga partner massage and restorative poses. Anna Lisa, a Texas native, discovered yoga and meditation when she began her career as a master level social worker and needed a compassionate and effective way to care for herself, emotionally and physically. As a student of Buddhism, Anna Lisa found a home at Dharma Yoga and completed her teacher training under the guidance of Keith and Camilla.

Anna Lisa Farenthold
Janice Samuelson has been teaching yoga in Austin for fifteen years, with a background in both Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. She has also trained with Shakta Kaur Khalsa in the Radiant Child Program and has studied with Gabrielle Roth and the Five Rhythms. Janice is a massage therapist, musician and dancer, and brings to her classes a vivacious spirit of creativity, renewal and healing.

Gigi Mao found yoga in the summer of 2006 and immediately fell in love with the healing power of the practice. She holds a 300-hour teaching certificate from Dharma Yoga and has completed the Anusara Immersion Program. Offering classes that are strong, playful, and introspective, Gigi believes persistence and dedication can help us more fully experience life and connect deeply with the innate truth and light within us.

Bekkah Schear holds a Master’s Degree in international affairs and is a certified Dharma Yoga instructor. Her experiences working in communities around the globe have deeply informed her yoga practice. For Bekkah, the mat provides a sacred space for cultivating spirituality and connecting with our shared humanity. She finds nourishment in empowering fellow yogis to explore the true Self. Bekkah is humbled to have trained with Keith and Camilla, and is filled with gratitude for the guidance offered by her mentor Kate Bero.

Ashley Sherman is a professional dancer with Ballet Austin, an instructor at the Ballet Austin Academy, and has fifteen years of experience teaching dance and movement. She is certified in Dharma Yoga and has been practicing yoga for over a decade. In her yoga classes, Ashley invites her students to challenge themselves in a healthy way, focusing on breath and alignment, while encouraging a sense of gratitude and gentle kindness toward themselves and their bodies.

Sherrie Nguyen leads a powerful vinyasa flow class that blends a strong physical practice with Buddhist meditation and self-inquiry in order to empower students to access their potential for spiritual growth. Having trained with Baron Baptiste and with yoga masters in Rishikesh, India, she believes deeply that all human beings have endless potential to realize their purpose on this planet. Learn more at www.sherrienguyen.com.

Katrina Repman infuses her background in hatha yoga with her passion for acrobatic partner yoga to create classes that promote mindfulness, patience, and self-compassion while fostering communication, trust, and play. A graphic designer by training, Katrina is certified in Dharma Yoga and honors the practice of mindfulness as a guide on the path to finding ​inner peace.

Liz Davis has a unique style of teaching incorporating vinyasa flow, breath work, visualizations, yin yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and energetics. After years of eating disorders, she found alternative ways to heal and empower herself through mindfulness practices and brings a joyous light to her classes as she holds space for her students to be their authentic selves. In addition to sharing her love of yoga, Liz is also is a Reiki and crystal healing master. Find out more at www.illuminatedvitality.com.

Jacquelynn St. Pierre comes to Austin by way of Laughing Lotus College of Yoga in San Francisco, where she completed her 200-hour certification. Her classes are inspired by her background in dance, the beauty and fluidity of music and poetry, and the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda. Jacquelynn believes deeply in the transformative power of yoga and her teachings truly speak to this. She is currently pursuing her 500-hour certification with Laughing Lotus in New York City. To find out more go to www.facebook.com/jacquelynnstpierreyoga.


Katherine Winge is passionate about helping others deepen body and mind awareness through yoga. Her classes are flavored by many years of study in Tibetan Buddhism, yogic philosophy, and meditation. She has over 700 hours of yoga training and is certified through Dharma Yoga, Yoga Studies Institute, and Aqua Kriya Yoga. In 2010, Katherine created the first Aqua Yoga program at the Town Lake YMCA, giving people with injuries or illness an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of yoga in water. Find out more at openyourheartyoga.net.

Michiko Hikida is a certified Dharma Yoga teacher working on a Ph.D. in Education. Michiko brings to her classes warmth, wisdom, and a deep appreciation for the Three Jewels of Buddhism: the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.



Karlie Lemos has been practicing yoga since 1998 and completed her first teacher training in 2005. Since then she has taught thousands of classes, sharing her studies of the Iyengar, Anusara, and Ashtanga lineages, as well as her own practices in meditation and the deep wisdom of yoga philosophy. Karlie guides her students in a mindful, supportive, and open-hearted way, assisting them in deepening their relationship with their physical and energetic bodies as well as their own innate wisdom.



Rachel Hertenberger is certified in Dharma Yoga and utilizes her degree in Nutrition Sciences from the University of Texas by blending knowledge of the inner workings of the body with the outward moving meditation of hatha yoga. Rachel's classes are filled with ancient Dharma wisdom, contemporary dietary insights, and personalized instruction to help frame her students' yoga practice in a big-picture light.

dharma yoga austin texas


dharma yoga austin texas